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SPSS and AMOS License Codes

Please note that these SPSS and AMOS license codes are for University-owned computers only.

If you need to download or upgrade SPSS, please visit

License Codes for:

To Update SPSS with the Latest License Code 
(Amos uses the same process, just go to the Amos group in the Start Menu to run the Amos License Authorization Wizard)

  1. Start > All Programs > IBM SPSS Statistics > IBM SPSS Statistics {version} License Authorization Wizard
  2. The next screen reports the license information on your current version. Click NEXT to continue.
  3. On the next screen, be sure "License my product now" is selected and click NEXT to continue.
  4. Copy and paste the code from the links above into the box on the next screen and click NEXT to continue.
  5. This page will show the progress of the authorization process. WARNING - you must be connected to the internet in order for this to work. Once the authorization is completed, click NEXT to continue.
  6. The final screen shows the updated license information - be sure this is correct and click FINISH.

To verify Version and License Expiration information

  1. Open SPSS Statistics
  2. Select File > New > Syntax
  3. Type in the command 'SHOW LIC.' (without quotes and be sure and put the period at end)
  4. Select Run > All
  5. Results should be displayed in a table on your output window that includes the modules currently licensed and the dates that they expire.
If you have questions concerning SPSS, or AMOS licensing, contact the Service Desk at 758-HELP or ResolveIT. Please note that faculty members
and Instructional Technology professionals in various academic departments provide technical support and instruction on using SPSS.

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