The Bridge / Service Desk Hours

  • Service Desk walk-in support is located in The Bridge on the main floor of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library.
  • Service Desk phone support (including assistance through ResolveIT and e-mail) is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm except during University Holidays and other closings.
  • Backup your data before you bring the ThinkPad to The Bridge.
  • Your WFU ID card is required for picking up the ThinkPad.
  • During University delays or closings due to inclement weather, the Service Desk will be unavailable for phone support.  However, limited walk-in services are available at the Bridge if the Library is open and on-campus student employees are available to staff the Bridge.

Walk-In Support Services

  • ThinkPad Drop-off:  If the ThinkPad requires service to repair hardware or major software issues, bring the ThinkPad to The Bridge and complete the electronic check-in process in order for staff to assist you.
  • ThinkPad Pick-up:  A staff member will contact you by phone or e-mail when the ThinkPad is available at The Bridge.  Do not forget that your Wake Forest ID card is required to pick up the repaired ThinkPad.
  • Loaner ThinkPad Pick-up and Return:  During the ThinkPad drop-off process, a loaner ThinkPad may be issued so that you can continue your academic or administrative work.  You will need to return the loaner ThinkPad when you pick up the repaired ThinkPad.
  • Technology Asset Pick-up and Return:  If you are a student or employee, entering or leaving the University, The Bridge is the central location for technology asset pick-up and return.  If you are leaving the University, please bring all cords and accessories issued with the technology.  The Bridge will provide a receipt to show that the equipment was returned.  Do not forget that your Wake Forest ID card is required to pick up technology assets.
  • Parts Sales:  If you ever lose a cord or other part, The Bridge can sell you a replacement.  Information Systems will bill student accounts or department budget codes as appropriate.  No payment is due immediately upon receipt.  Do not forget that your Wake Forest ID card is required to ensure that the proper student account is charged.
  • ThinkPad Parts Replacement:  For parts that stop working or become damaged, The Bridge will offer you a replacement.  Charges for replacement parts will be determined based on criteria including cause of damage, warranty coverage and insurance protection.  Do not forget that your Wake Forest ID card is required to receive the replacement part.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

As a reminder, the University reserves each Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to noon for regularly scheduled maintenance on campus computing services. This may include WIN, e-mail, network connectivity, or Banner and its peripheral applications, among other services. In cases where the work will start earlier or extend past the designated timeframe, we communicate with our customers who are affected.

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